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New Houses of Parliament floor expected to cost nearly £1 million

MP’s have decided that the Houses of Parliament carpets needed to be updated and therefore, they want to replace the large amount of carpets that cover the corridors and offices.

There are 15,000 Parliamentary pass holders and in excess of one million visitors enter the building each year. Many of the carpets, particularly in the Houses of Parliament corridors, are wearing out through because of a high volume of people walking on them. Whilst carpet cleaning could benefit some of the carpets, most are too worn and will need replacing.

The government has prepared documents that provide the specifications required for the new carpets. Parliament needs 80% wool, high quality carpets that are hard wearing. The patterns on the carpets need to match the existing patterns, which will probably mean that the carpets need to be custom made. The expected cost to replace all the Houses of Parliament carpets over the next 4 years is estimated to be around £960,000.

One issue for the carpet fitters is that the Houses of Parliament will undergo major refurbishments in a few years’ time. The carpets must be laid so that they can be easily lifted up and stored when this major building work is carried out.

It is relatively easy to find a reliable local firm for carpet cleaning or contract flooring in your Wirral business, but not many floor installers are large enough to make customised carpets to cover the miles of corridors and offices at the Houses of Parliament.

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