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New flooring tracks customers’ movements

A floor covering has been developed that tracks customers in a retail environment.

Retail businesses want to collect as much data about their customers’ habits as possible. Scanalytics, a US start-up company based in Milwaukee, has created paper-thin tiles called Sole Sensor. These two foot by two foot, 1/32-inch-thick tiles have similar properties to touch screens and, with suitable software, can be used to monitor the movements of shoppers.

The type of useful information that retailers can gather is the number of customers who stop at a display and how long they spend there. Stores can also track which shelf areas are visited more frequently, and this can help modify the store design layout.

The Sole Sensor system can also look at the time people visit particular areas, and this could be used to make decisions about when to offer coupons, change displays and employ extra staff.

Retailing is a highly competitive area, with stores looking for any advantage that can be used to make their stores more efficient. Any information about customers’ habits can help them make informed changes that attract more business.

Sole Sensor tiles are available to rent in the USA, but it is not known when or if they will be able in the UK. Any Cheshire business that could find an advantage to tracking their customers’ movements could consider this innovative technology. After installing new solid flooring in your Cheshire business, fixing Sole Sensor tiles to selected areas might give you a good foothold in researching your customers’ behaviour.

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