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New floor tiles create ultimate playroom

Bryanne Leeming has invented a new type of floor tile called ‘Unruly Splats’ that can create the ultimate children’s playroom.

The tiles have been given this name because of the embedded lights that look like spilt milk. As children jump on the tiles they make sounds, light up or speak. The tiles can be programmed to respond in different ways and can make an active electronic game.

Leeming has formed a company Unruly Studios to market the tiles. At first, she thought that members of her team would program the tiles to create games, but when testing them she realised that the children wanted to change how the tiles react themselves. Her team developed an app that kids can use to program the tiles.

She ultimately wants her tiles to teach children programming skills, but in a more active environment than sitting in front of a screen. She has successfully raised $600,000 (£455,000) on Kickstarter and Unruly Splats has been accepted on Amazon’s accelerator program for new innovations. Over 20 American schools are testing out the educational uses of the tiles.

The tiles are available in pairs at $149.99 for two. Perhaps whole rooms will not be covered with Splat Tiles, but a few in a playroom or child’s bedroom are ideal for active children. Unlike tiles used for solid flooring in your North Wales home, Unruly Splats are not designed to be fixed to the floor so can easily be used in other rooms or even outdoors on warm days.

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