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New floor covering shows benefits of cork

My Cork Floor, a United States cork floor covering manufacturer, has created a new wood flooring made from cork which they claim has many benefits.

The material the company uses is environmentally-friendly. The cork is harvested from oak trees mainly from Portugal, and this is done without cutting down trees. After the cork is removed the trees grow more cork.

The cell structure of the cork means the floors have insulating properties to keep the heat in and dampen down sounds and vibrations. Cork floors are soft to walk on and are water and stain resistant, and are easy to maintain and clean.

The natural waxy lining of cork helps prevent insect investigations and discourages mould growth. The floors are anti-allergic so should not affect asthma sufferers.

Jennifer Biscoe of My Cork Floors said:

“This new cork wood flooring is perfect for homeowners who want really great-looking and durable flooring.”

Installing cork floors is straightforward. Glue is applied to the sub floor then cork flooring strips laid down. A sealer is then rolled on the floor to protect it.

The My Cork Floor range is not easily available in the UK, but there are many cork floor alternatives with similar properties. The cost is comparable to wood flooring and is long lasting. If damaged it is possible to repair a cork floor. Cork flooring is available in a number of shades

Cork flooring is a good alternate to solid wood flooring in your Cheshire home.

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