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New EU Ecolabel for wood flooring

The European Union’s Ecolabel scheme, which aims to protect the environment, is changes as far as wooden floors are concerned.

Ecolabels are awarded to products that are both environmentally friendly and of good quality. A new standard has been introduced that manufactures of wood flooring need to meet in order to qualify for licence to use the EU Ecolabel on their products.

The new criteria require that the virgin wood, cork or bamboo used in floor coverings is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The standard also dictates low energy consumption for the manufacturing process.

Some wooden floor coverings are treated with chemicals. The Ecolabel standards introduce tough rules on what substances can be used in the manufacture of solid wood floorings. Flame retardants chemicals are banned and the use of formaldehyde is restricted. There are also limits on volatile organic compounds.

Currently only one manufacture has been awarded the EU EcoLabel – the Italian firm Lignum Venetia – but a few others have applied for permission to use it. The EU is holding a series of workshops in 2017 to encourage floor manufacturers to apply for an Ecolabel licence.

Although the new EU Ecolabel is not yet widely used for wooden flooring, a number of manufacturers already use wood from sustainable sources. Many of these floors are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensure that more trees are planted than cut down.

Wood flooring in your Cheshire can be good looking, durable and easy to maintain, complementing this beautiful county perfectly.

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