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New corporate jet cabins have wooden floors

Supercar manufacturer Pagani has partnered with Airbus Corporate Jets to design bespoke airplane cabins with wooden floors.

The cabin, known as Infinito, features luxury fittings and fixtures that make the cabin look more like a five-star hotel luxury lounge than an airplane cabin. The wall that separates the conference area from the lounge can instantly change from transparent to opaque. Metal LED lights create mood lighting and the swivel chairs are made from carbon fibre.

The cabin floors are solid wood and have soft-leather carpet runners. Whilst wooden floors are common on the ground, it is highly unusual to find them being installed in airplanes, making this an innovative and bold move.

The most stunning feature of the cabin is the ceiling, which has a live view of the sky above the aircraft to create a sense of openness.

Benoit Defforge , Airbus Corporate Jets managing director said:

“In bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds, we enable an elegant and seamless link for customers of both, while bringing a fresh approach to cabin design and satisfying very demanding standards.”

Interior designers look for inspiration from many sources. The wood and leather carpet floors of the Pagani Infinito aircraft cabins can influence the design of luxury business and home rooms.

If you want the elegant look of solid flooring in your Wirral home or business, choose from many types of wood and finishes to create a stylish luxury floor. Through wood floors are common, it is highly unusual to find them being installed in airplanes.

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