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National Grid aims to prevent flooring mishaps

Recent high profile power cuts have had some homeowners in the UK criticising energy companies, as well as the government for their slow reaction time.

The National Grid has recently launched a website to try and avoid future, more local power cuts, by attempting to reduce the occurrences of on-site contractors and developers inadvertently causing damage to underlying gas pipes and electricity cables.

The website is free to all contractors and works by fundamentally mapping out the work area so that they can modify their projects to avoid the essential power distribution mechanisms. Users can fill in information detailing the work being undertaken. Whether workers are installing solid flooring in Liverpool or a new fireplace in Farnborough, the interactive map on the website allows them to detail exactly what work they will be doing, the precise location and in return they will get detailed drawings of any National Grid assets that may be prone to damage in the area.

The website also gives advice for efficient work and specified guidance to best safeguard the planned activities.

The National Grid makes numerous claims every year against construction and property companies when their network has been damaged during the undertaking of such works. This has a knock on effect for the company in question, the industry as a whole and eventually, the consumer. It is hoped that all contractors, property developers and consultants across the UK will utilise the website to minimise potential damage and extra cost onto those dream home refurbishment projects.

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