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Mum transforms home with wood flooring

A mother-of-three has posted updates on social media app TikTok on how she and her husband have transformed their council house into a modern, stylish home featuring wood flooring.

Tiffany received negative comments about living in a rented council house. She and her husband decided to renovate the house and record the progress of the modernisation on TikTok. When it was nearing completion, she declared that she was proud of her home, saying:

“My beautiful Council house is nearly all finished.. YES I said it & I’m not ashamed to either. I work hard & pay the bills just like any homeowner.”

A stylish feature of the home is the new wood flooring in the hallway. The wood theme is continued in the wood cabinets, furniture and kitchen chairs. Tiffany expects to complete the renovations by Christmas.

Tiffany said that it doesn’t matter whether people own or rent a home – what counts is that it is filled with happiness and warmth. A home is made comfortable and welcoming with quality flooring, furniture and fittings made from natural materials like wood and wool. Over 10 years ago, Tiffany was homeless with three children. She is proud of how her renovated home looks as it represents how far her life has progressed over the last decade.

Fitting wood flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes is a great way to add natural, eco-friendly luxury. Wood flooring also adds value to properties and makes them more attractive to homebuyers when it is time to sell the home.

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