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Most-viewed property list revealed with many featuring solid wood floors

Property website Rightmove has published a list of its most-viewed properties in the first part of 2019.

Its top ten viewed properties are all luxury houses costing several million pounds, many of which feature solid wood floors. The people viewing them are probably not potential buyers, but view properties they aspire to own if they could afford them. These are dream properties bought by the super-rich.

Perhaps the most beautiful property featured on the most-viewed list is the 400-year-old 10-bedroom Canonteighn Manor near Exeter, which has been updated with modern technology. This three-storey mansion features hardwood flooring, an outdoor swimming pool, stone fireplaces and 10 acres of land. Potential buyers would be looking at spending just under £4 million for this property.

Wood floors can add value to most homes in the Wirral. They are an ideal long-term solution to flooring and are becoming a popular feature for many homes and businesses all over the world. Installing wooden floors can increase the sale price of a home by between 1% and 10%. For example, a wood floor in a £250,000 Wirral home could increase its value by £25,000.

You don’t have to install wood flooring in your home just because it increases the home’s value, natural solid wood looks beautiful and is easy to maintain. If the cost is beyond a homeowner’s budget, engineered wood and high grade laminate flooring are cheaper ways to have the look of natural wood in the home.

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