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More British households are employing professional cleaning services

Research reported by the website News Anyway has revealed that more people prefer to use a professional cleaning service rather than clean themselves.

Traditionally, wealthier households hired help for cleaning and other household jobs, but now people on all incomes use cleaning services.

Nearly five million people use a professional cleaning service. Around a third of households employ a cleaner, spending an average of £127 month on cleaning services, whereas a quarter of households have a window cleaner. Furthermore, 87% of people pay for cleaning services in cash.

As well as cleaning, 17% of households employ a gardener and 4% hire a handyman to do simple tasks around the house that most people do themselves.

There has been a sharp increase in young people using cleaning services. This is because they lead busy work and social lives and would rather spend time with friends and family than cleaning. Some people say that cleaning is boring, so prefer to hire a professional.

One reason why some people are reluctant to use a cleaning service is that they are fearful of letting strangers into their home. A reputable cleaning service will have vetted their employees and will be fully insured if their cleaners accidentally break something on site.

Some cleaning jobs can be done better by professional cleaners with industrial equipment. If you need carpet cleaning in Liverpool, hire a professional carpet cleaning service that deep cleans carpets, removing dirt and debris that domestic vacuum cleaners miss.

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