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Modern wood floor design uses 18th Century Japanese technology

A new wood flooring design has been influenced by the 18th Century Japanese technique of Yakisugi.

Yaki means heating by fire and was used in Japan to preserve wood, whereas Sugi is the Japanese name for cypress wood. The wood is burnt so that the surface is charred without damaging the wood underneath. This carbonisation process makes the wood waterproof and suitable for outside cladding on buildings. Contemporary architect Terunobu Fujimori is known for the use of Yakisugi treated timber in his designs.

Wood flooring brand, Havwoods has created a new design of wood flooring that has been influenced by Yakisugi. The surface of the wood floor planks is charred to create an effect that highlights the grain and creates a rustic style to the look of the floor. Like all wood floors, this Yakisugi type flooring will last for many years.

The Yakisugi effect looks good in commercial rooms, and for homeowners who want a different and unusual type of floor. The original Japanese Yakisugi was used mainly on cypress wood, but modern floors use many different types of wood.

The Yakisugi inspired effect can be applied to both solid wood and the veneer of engineered wood to create attractive floor designs in many vibrant shades.

A similar effect to Yakisugi can be created for wood flooring installed in Wirral rooms by charring the floor planks using a blow torch, but this requires skill and should only be done by a professional, as there is the danger of setting the wood and the house on fire.

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