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Many home improvement offers go to waste

Research conducted by British Gas has revealed that many householders do not realise that they can qualify for free insulation.

According to a recent study, about 20 per cent of people know they are entitled to this form of home improvement. In reality, approximately 90 per cent of homes could get insulation for nothing.

The problem appears to be that lots of individuals assume only those suffering from significant deprivation can access the deal in question. Moreover, tenants do not always recognise that they can do well from the scheme.

Energy bills can be reduced significantly by the installation of insulation in cavity walls, and savings may also flow from the insertion of loft insulation. These free additions to a house could make woodblock flooring in North Wales and elsewhere a highly attractive option.

Insulation within cavity walls can impact on an annual bill by almost £150, while loft insulation can have the same impact over the course of a year.

Claire Miles, who works for British Gas in this area, understands why some people remain unaware of the help they could receive. She has commented that in the past, insulation initiatives were often targeted at low income groups. Now, a household does not necessarily have to be vulnerable to obtain this type of assistance.

Miles commented:

“Our research has shown us that people think installing insulation is a time consuming, difficult process, but it actually takes less than a day, and there are no hidden costs or commitments.”

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