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Maidstone’s Juniper Bar installs herringbone pattern wood floors

The newly renovated Juniper Bar in Maidstone now features the bold use of wood to create a unique environment to drink in.

The wood floors are arranged in chevron and herringbone plank patterns and contain woods of various shades. Floor coverings in the bar are both engineered wood and solid wood planks, including some reclaimed wood. The style has been described as “retro yet modern, stylish yet timeless.”

The use of wood is not confined to the floor either, the bar includes strips of light and dark wood planks on the walls arranged in striking angle patterns. There are wooden stools where customers can sit with their glasses placed on a light wood shelves.

The building where the bar is located is old and the project is an example of how a dated building can be modernised whilst still retaining a sense of history. The design reflects that wood has been used for floors covering for hundreds of years but can be bought up to date in a unique way. Most wood floors use a single colour of wood, but the Juniper Bar shows that mixing several shades of wood creates a bold, modern style.

Solid wood floors are popular in the Wirral region, but some see them as traditional flooring. This can often be the case if planks of the same colour are laid in a parallel fashion. Laying planks at angles and mixing different shades creates a non-traditional look as demonstrated in the Juniper Bar.

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