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Magnetic flooring cuts floor installation time and costs

New magnetic flooring technology created by British company IOBAC reduces installation times and cost for solid flooring.

In the IOBAC system, there is a magnetic layer on the subfloor, and tiles with magnetic backs are then loose laid. Alternatively, standard tiles with magnetic tabs can be used. Compared to an adhesive fixing system, magnet-based flooring is much quicker to install. This is an advantage for commercial premises where installation can be done overnight to avoid disruption to trading and at reduced installation costs.

The system does not need a waterproof membrane to stop moisture damaging the floor.

IOBAC’s CEO, Paul Woolvine, explained the magnet floor system advantages:

“We’ve invented a loose-lay system which [thanks to the magnetic surface tile] is attached right across the surface of the floor. If you just loose-lay [a traditional tile], you have to tackify it so it stays down at the corners, whereas the IOBAC system does [stay down at the corners] without having to do that.”

The loose lay system also makes it easier to repair damaged floors, as tiles can simply be lifted up and replaced.

For solid flooring in Wirral residential properties, there are many choices of easy-to-lay floor coverings including laminates and engineered wood, neither of which take a long time to install. For large commercial floors of 1,000 square feet and above, installing a new floor can be disruptive to business, so any reduction in the time this takes is sure to be welcome.

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