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Luxury floors for Shed of the Year contenders

Every year, wood treatment manufacturer Cuprinol runs the Shed of the Year competition. The winner is voted for by members of the public. The 2018 contenders for the award feature some luxury floor covering.

Most people who have garden sheds buy wooden huts with cheap wooden flooring. The contestants for the Shed of the Year award are much more luxurious than sheds bought from the local garden centre. These sheds are not places to just store tools; they are creative studios, gyms, kids play areas, guest rooms, and bars.

One of the favourite candidates for the prize is the Boat Pod, built by Barnaby Deasrly. Used as a writer’s retreat and artists studio, it was built from the upturned bow section of an old fishing trawler made in 1945. Engineered oak flooring, a stove and sail canvas door have been added.

The Scaffold Board Summer House even has a rotating wooden wall, that opens the shed to the light on warm days.

Many renovated sheds are made from recycled materials, especially recycled wood. Sanding and varnishing make the recycled wood look like new. Solid wood flooring is featured in many shed designs, but their quality is far superior to the rough pine floors found in lower quality garden sheds. Other sheds have luxury vinyl flooring made from recycled materials.

Homeowners can take inspiration from these shed designs. Wood flooring in Cheshire homes made from recycled wood is a good choice for a good looking and long-lasting floor covering.

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