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Upholstery Cleaning in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool in Merseyside was historically part of the county of Lancashire. During the 18th Century, the city’s activities as a port led to great expansion, economic growth and a diverse population. Today, Liverpool is rich in historic architecture, as well as cultural and sporting venues.

More than 466,000 people live in the city, which has been undergoing urban regeneration in recent years. Local residents may like to consider the benefits of reinvigorating their own homes and, here at Regal Floors, we can recommend making a significant yet economical change by opting for upholstery cleaning. Liverpool householders will find they can keep furniture looking new, while prolonging its life, with regular professional cleaning.

Even houses that do not have carpets can harbour dirt and pests such as dust mites inside soft furnishings. The effects of tiny creatures like dust mites and fleas can be quite substantial, including such problems as asthma and allergic reactions. With effective upholstery cleaning, Liverpool residents can reduce the numbers of mites and other troublesome insects in their homes.

Liverpool is especially well known for its pop music, with household names such as The Beatles forming part of the city’s musical past. Some Liverpool homes may harbour ‘golden oldies’ of their own, in the form of tired but well-loved sofas or armchairs that could be transformed by upholstery cleaning. Liverpool householders will be delighted to see the original colours and textures of their furniture being restored after a professional cleaning service and furnishings should also lose any stale aromas they might have acquired over time.

Here at Regal Floors we offer an upholstery cleaning service carried out by fully-trained and reliable operatives. The solutions used are quick to dry, minimising any inconvenience, and we can not only remove stains but also add a Scotchguard coating to your furnishings to prevent any future marks. Call us now for a free estimate.