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Solid Flooring in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city full of interesting architecture, and the area’s homeowners have plenty of inspiration to work with when it comes to improving their own properties. The Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, for example, are considered works of art, and both draw thousands of visitors throughout the year. With such fantastic buildings on display, it should come as no surprise that many people look to boost the aesthetic value and functionality of their houses with solid flooring in Liverpool. Here at Regal Floors, we have years of experience and we’re ready to meet all of your flooring needs.

Durable and elegant

A solid wood floor adds an unparalleled air of elegance to any home, whether in Liverpool or anywhere else in the UK, and it can give the property owner many years of use. The old-fashioned look of such flooring can give rooms a sense of class, while adding value.

Providing homeowners are careful, they can avoid such issues as scratching and marking. Should any accidents occur, solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished to remove imperfections. The keen mopping of any spillages will also minimise the risk of water damage. What’s more, treatment processes can be put in place to keep things looking new.

A choice of styles

As the product is harvested from trees, the natural variety of the product will differ. This means that the flooring can truly depict the homeowner’s personality and sense of style. Darker woods will add warmth to a room, while lighter varieties add size and an air of extra space.

These choices and the inimitable visual appeal of a genuine product are all added positives of solid flooring. Liverpool homeowners are advised to truly explore and compare their options before making a final decision.

The experts at Regal Floors are brimming with product knowledge and are well equipped to provide solid flooring in Liverpool. Give us a call today to find out more.