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Liverpool City Council opens Minton Floor to the public

Liverpool City Council is set to showcase the Minton Floor of the city’s Great Hall to the public later this summer.

The Minton Floor consists of 30,000 handcrafted tiles that depict sea nymphs, dolphins and the city’s coat of arms. The floor was constructed in the 19th century, but was covered up in the 1860s to protect it from dancers.

The Great Hall was restored and reopened in 2007, but the floor remained covered to protect it, apart from once a year when it is uncovered for visitors to see.

It is rare for people to be allowed to walk across the floor, but in 2018, for nine days from August 3rd to 12th, visitors can see the floor for an entry charge of £3, but to walk over the floor they need to pay £12 for the use of protective footwear. For an extra £2, visitors can walk across the floor sipping a glass of bubbly.

The Minton floor uncovering is part of the Liverpool Biennial 2018 contemporary art festival, a city wide event that invites visitors to explore the rich history of Liverpool invoked by antique objects in the Liverpool city civic collection and the city’s architecture.

For business and home owners installing solid flooring in their Liverpool offices and homes, they can be confident that modern flooring, unlike the Minton Floor, is designed to both look good and be hard wearing. There is no need to cover your new floor up to protect it!

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