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Leeds manufacturer upgrades factory flooring

A new floor installation in Leeds has showed how floor coverings can reduce energy consumption.

SES Intec in Leeds manufacturers self-drilling screws. It chose Zircon Flooring to install a new floor in its 7,300 square meter factory. Zircon used Sikafloot-263 SL, a slip-resistant hard wearing covering with a high mechanical and chemical resistance. These floor coverings are quick to install. Working at night, Zircon made sure that there was minimal disruption to the working of the factory.

The flooring is light grey in colour and reflects natural daylight. This means that less energy is required to illuminate the factory and the natural daylight improves the working environment for employees.

There are many options when installing new solid flooring in a North Wales workspace. Floors need to look good, be easy to maintain and hard wearing. What is often overlooked is how the right colour and surface gloss can reflect natural light.

Marietta Millet, an architecture professor, says:

“Great architects have always allowed themselves to be directed by the light in the choice of their building materials. They use light to draw out contrasts between different materials and they use materials that allow them to create a very specific distribution of light in a room.”

Light coloured highly polished floor coverings save electricity bills by amplifying the strength of natural light entering a building. For solid flooring in a North Wales home or work area consider how the floor material affects light.

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