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Leave hardwood flooring to professionals, says US expert

If your wood floor is worn it can be restored, but this should be done by experts, according to advice by American flooring guru Teri Gatto.

After buying old houses, homeowners often find that when they rip up the laminate or vinyl floor covering, a solid wood floor is revealed. This is because in the 1950s, many people wanted a “modern” look to their homes so they covered original wood floors with wall-to-wall carpets or other materials.

Nowadays, wood is regarded as a luxury floor covering that adds value to a home. Gatto says:

“Older flooring may need to be repaired and refinished to bring back its original beauty. The challenge then becomes finding a craftsman with the skill, experience and aesthetic sensitivity to expertly restore an old floor.”

Floor sanding can revive wood floors, but this will not repair damage. If there are worn patches, an expert floor restorer needs to match up new wood to replace worn sections. This needs to be done in such a way that the repair is not noticed. Some older floors have embellishments such as ornate borders made with contrasting wood, which are tricky to repair as they require hand-cut pieces of wood to replace worn sections.

Some floors may require the removing of the wood planks first so that the sub floor can be treated to form a moisture barrier.

Wood flooring in Cheshire , provided it is well maintained and repaired by experts if damaged, should last plenty of time.

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