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Laminate flooring sees global growth

A recent piece of market research from the USA suggests that the ease of installation and maintenance of laminate flooring are two factors contributing to an apparent surge in its uptake.

Whilst Latin America and Asia-Pacific are witnessing large regional growth, the report suggests that Europe continues to be the largest worldwide market. The continuing rebound in both residential and commercial construction, following the lows of the economically challenging times of the last few years, is expected to add to the stimulation.

The research goes on to add that developing economies, such as China and India, can attribute the growth to an increase in commercial building. Laminate flooring, with its cost-effectiveness and the ease with which it can be maintained, has many benefits for use in educational and healthcare facilities. In more developed economies such as many of those in Europe, eco-friendly and high quality flooring is increasingly seen as a viable option for new homes.

Indeed, the residential section of the market is still the largest area and, as the economic climate improves and more homes are both built and refurbished, the laminate flooring industry will likely continue to accelerate.

With the UK recovery apparently upon us, and both the construction and DIY retail sectors experiencing growth, it seems that consumers are driving the demand for laminate flooring. From Liverpool to London, and right across the continent and indeed the world, it seems more and more homeowners and businesses are making this choice. Additionally, it is believed that technical innovations in laminate and continued economic growth and stability will provide even further growth.

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