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Laminate flooring recommended for pet owners

People with pets are often concerned with preventing damage to their floors caused by their furry friends. According to Essex Magazine, the best pet-friendly flooring is laminate.

Laminate flooring is very easy to clean, especially if there are young pets in the household that might have toilet accidents. It’s also easy to remove any mud that has been shaken off animal fur when pets come inside after being on wet ground.

Scratch resistant, laminate can withstand dogs running around with sharp claws or running after toys. It’s not just suitable for dogs either, as Essex Magazine says:

“No matter what pet you have, you have to be careful about the furniture and flooring you choose! Laminate is one of the best flooring options to consider.”

If laminate does become damaged, it’s not expensive to replace. Purchase spare planks when installing laminate flooring, which can then be used to repair damaged areas.

Wood and engineered wood are also suitable for pets, as long as care is taken. Don’t allow dogs to play on wood floors. Ideally, pets coming in from inside should go into an area where they can be wiped down to remove mud and moisture before entering a room with wooden flooring.

When choosing between wood, engineered, and laminate flooring for a Cheshire home, consider laminate flooring if you’re anxious about damage from pets. Don’t dismiss using wood and engineered wood though, which are both suitable choices if pets are kept under control. If wood or engineered wood does become scratched or damaged, it can be sanded to restore its looks.

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