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Laminate flooring expected to make comeback this year

In recent years, there has been less demand for laminate flooring, but according to an article on the news website, laminate is set for comeback in 2019.

Laminates are associated with cheap imitations of wooden floors, but new printing technology gives laminates a realistic look of wood or stone. A large number of new designs makes this material versatile and suitable for all décor styles, and it is this versatility that is expected to make laminate flooring more popular.

Modern high quality laminates are durable and can withstand rough treatment from people walking on the floors, as well as pet claws. Laminates are easy to clean and are scruff, stain and burn resistant. If installed correctly, they will not bend or indent.

Dan Natkin of the North American Laminate Flooring Association said:

“Laminate is composed of somewhere between 90% to 98% of wood content. It’s come a long way since the early days. No vinyl, no LVT, no wood can stand up to the performance levels that laminate has.”

Laminate flooring is suitable for the North Wales climate as it is water resistant. In hallways, it can easily cope with rainy days when people come in from the outside with muddy footwear and dripping wet clothes. Mud and moisture can easily be wiped off with a suitable cloth or mop.

Whether 2019 sees the comeback of laminate flooring or not, good quality laminates are a great choice for North Wales floors.

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