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Laminate floor stars in latest James Bond movie

In the latest James Bond film Spectre, Daniel Craig is seen walking inside a luxury Austrian hotel. The scene was filmed in Pinewood Studios on a film set covered with 2,000 square meters of

grey laminate floor panels.

To install this gigantic floor, twelve pallets of laminate floor panels were ordered from a supplier in Belfast at a cost of £40,000. Initial enquiries for the large order did not specify why so much flooring was needed. As negotiations continued it was revealed that the flooring was for the much-loved film franchise, and this was confirmed when the film’s director, Same Mendes, chose grey matt floor panels from a selection of samples supplied by the store.

Because of the secrecy around the filming of Spectre, the company was forbidden to announce details of the floor until the film was finished.

Richard Sharpe, managing director of the company said that the floor business is usually an unexciting work environment. This changed when he was invited to Pinewood Studios to sign the deal and had the chance to view some of the other James Bond sets.

To celebrate, the company hired a Belfast cinema on the day that the James Bond film was released for a private screening for employees, suppliers and customers.

If you are installing laminate flooring in your North Wales home and want that James Bond look, then choose grey matt floor panels, but you will probably need considerably less than twelve palettes – unless you’re planning on filming your very own spy flick.

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