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Kingfisher advances with sustainability plan

The DIY organisation Kingfisher has recently released a report in relation to its progress towards sustainability.

The company is responsible for Screwfix and B&Q, and this means that it has a lot of influence in the sector. It could be that the positive steps taken by Kingfisher feed through to have an impact on the demand for wood flooring in Liverpool .

Richard Gillies, who is a group director for sustainability, has commented:

“To reach our restorative goals, we will need to continue to do so at pace but with our new leadership team having reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability, together with our new strategic direction, I am confident we will be able to do just that.”

Gillies has stressed that Kingfisher has adopted a systematic stance. He has confirmed that this approach involves close cooperation with suppliers and other external partners.

The report highlighted the point that Kingfisher has decided to obtain in excess of 90 per cent of its paper and timber from sustainable sources. The business has already passed its own target for 2016 by two per cent. On this basis, it has been estimated by the authors of the report that Kingfisher will have the capacity to pass its 100 per cent goal by 2020.

Kingfisher has reportedly made progress in another area; the group has managed to achieve a 70 per cent score for its recycling rate. This move forwards has given the report authors the confidence to suggest that Kingfisher will hit its 75 per cent target during 2016.

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