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Keep wood flooring clean and free from coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to keep the home clean and free from viruses.

Wood flooring in Cheshire homes and businesses needs care and attention. Modern solid wood and engineered wood flooring have been sealed with a polyurethane topcoat that protects the floor from wear and tear, but cleaning is still necessary, especially during an epidemic.

Wood doesn’t like water, so spills need to be mopped up immediately with a paper kitchen towel or a cloth. Then, wipe the area with a slightly damp microfiber cloth along the wood grain to prevent streaks.

Grit and dust should be removed with a vacuum or brush. Regularly vacuum or brush the whole room, making sure that rugs are rolled up and furniture moved to reach all areas.

Never use excessive water on wood floors. If using a cleaning product, only use ones formulated for wood floors.

To prevent dirt that could contain viruses being trodden in from the outside, place dirt absorbing mats at entrances. Better still, take off shoes as soon as you enter the home.

The coronavirus can remain on hard surfaces like wood for many hours. Fortunately, the virus can easily be removed from wood floors by disinfecting using an antibacterial floor cleaner. Don’t use bleach as it could discolour the wood. Make sure that any sanitizing or antibacterial solution used is suitable for wood floors.

To prevent virus transmission, it’s important not to touch wood floors with bare hands.

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