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Karndean launches QuietChoice to reduce noise

Karndean, the luxury flooring manufacturer, has announced the launch of QuietChoice Premium Acoustic Underlayment for use with its vinyl tile and plank range of flooring.

Karndean luxury vinyl flooring has acoustic properties that reduce noise levels. It is also impact resistant to reduce the chance of breakage when objects are dropped. These qualities are fine for most home and commercial rooms, but there are some locations that require extra sound insulation including health centres, schools and libraries.

QuietChoice installed underneath Karndean luxury vinyl reduces noise levels by up to 25dB and has an IIC rating of 72. IIC stands for impact insulation class. When an object is dropped onto the upper floor or heavy objects are moved, this causes a vibration that travels through to the floor below causing annoying sounds. This is classified as impact sound transmission. An IIC rating of 50 reduces impact sound transmission a small amount. IIC 60 is considered to have a medium effect on sound transmission levels. The QuietChoice IIC rating of 72 is well above IIC 65 classified as having a high level of impact sound transmission reduction.

Many building codes for new multi-story buildings specify that all upper floors should have at least a 50 IIC rating. Karndean luxury vinyl combined with QuietChoice underlayment can be specified by architects to make sure that their buildings conform to noise level regulations.

Choose luxury vinyl contract flooring in Cheshire workplaces if noise levels are an issue.

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  1. Hello I live in a brand new Apt Block in Wellington NZ.
    The Apt above me has Korlock Kardean throughtout every room except the Bathroom.
    It has a 100mm gap between the concrete floor and a 13mm Gib ceiling.
    I hear every footfall conversations even what they get up to in the bedroom.
    Pulling down their blinds closing and opening wardrobe doors.
    I am so disappointed as it was supposed to be the best product.
    Well, it hasn’t turned out that way.
    I wonder if you can advise me what has possibly gone wrong as I am at my wits end over this

    Comment by sharleen forsyth — November 16, 2021 @ 6:10 am

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