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Japanese store has floor made of pottery

The Maruhiro Flagship Store in Japan has installed a unique floor made from ceramic mugs and bowls.

Maruhiro is a leading producer of ceramics. Their Manuhiri Flagship Store, designed by Yusuke Seki, showcases the Maruhiro high-quality ceramic tableware range and was opened in 2015.

After a batch of ceramic mugs and bowls the company produced was found to contain flaws, rather than throw them away, the designer decided to transform them into architectural material by using them to create a raised floor in the store.

The mugs and bowls are stacked in 10 rows to form a raised floor two or three feet high on the main showroom. The all-white ceramic mugs and bowls support large wooden blocks that display the manufacturer’s richly coloured ceramic products, as well as providing storage space. Steps made from small wooden blocks allow people access to this display area.

Though ceramic mugs and bowls are usually considered fragile, the ones that make up the shop floor are surprisingly strong and are able to support furniture, as well as people walking on them.

Ceramic mugs and bowls are probably not practical for solid flooring in Liverpool homes, but for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, ceramic in the form of tiles is a durable and waterproof material. Unlike the Maruhiro floor, they need not be white; ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns suitable for all tastes and lifestyles.

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