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It takes time to make a house homelike, says study

Research conducted by Barratt Homes has shown that many individuals take a considerable time period to feel comfortable in new properties.

The findings of the report showed that about a third of the sample had adjusted to their new surroundings within the first 50 days. Many people were still not at ease after a period of three months.

The research indicated that in Derbyshire, lots of homeowners spent considerable sums of money to help them make the necessary adjustments to their new environments. Over £5,000 was not an unusual sum to spend.

In different parts of the country, people may feel differently. New homeowners could consider improving their properties by using floor sanding in North Wales, for example.

Kate Fox from the Social Issues Research Centre has said:

“Making a property feel like a home is a really important milestone in establishing an emotional connection with your house or flat. It’s a shame to see that this is an expensive and time-consuming process for many recent homeowners, making what should be an exciting and special time much more stressful.”

The research showed that people prioritised redecorating specific rooms. For instance, over 50 per cent of the sample said that they would begin their work personalising the lounge, while 10 per cent would prefer to start in the kitchen.

Jan Ruston, who works for Barratt Homes as a regional director of sales, has recommended that people consider purchasing new properties to make the adjustment process easier. However, this option might not be attractive to everyone.

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