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Is it worth using a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service?

In today’s market, those looking to keep their homes or offices in top condition can find a wealth of products to suit their needs. From advanced devices like vacuum cleaners and dust busters to dedicated solutions for stain removal and high levels of hygiene, there are many options now available.

While this multitude of solutions may be useful for daily upkeep and standard spills, having the upholstery and carpets around your property meticulously cleaned by a professional service has many advantages. In the following passages, we’ll explore some of the many ways contract carpet cleaners can use their skills, experience and specialist equipment to enhance the rooms of your home or place of work.

Cutting-edge equipment for cleaner carpets and upholstery

Professional cleaners use the latest technology available to serve their commercial and domestic client base. Extraction machines, like those empowered by PROCHEM technology, can deliver the true definition of “deep cleaning” in a way that household equipment is unable to compete with. This in-depth cleansing can be the answer to a host of problems, from unwanted pet stains and odours to the dust and dander issues of allergy sufferers.

Professionals trained in their trade

Professional cleaning companies employ skilled contractors with extensive experience tackling tricky stains from spillage. Using tried and tested methods of cleaning floors and furniture coverings, combined with the latest and most effective technology for carpet care, professional cleaners use their knowledge and abilities to impress clients. Without an in-depth understanding of professional cleaning, homeowners and enterprise owners can often make matters worse when they use the wrong method to fix a stubborn stain.

Expert knowledge of home coverings

Today, upholstery and carpets are manufactured using an extensive array of materials, including faux suede and wool, along with man-made synthetics. Professional and fully trained carpet cleaners have a comprehensive background in refreshing all kinds of coverings, ensuring they know the specific solution best suited to a certain fabric or carpet fibre.

Additional layers of defence from spills and stains

After carpets and upholstery have been completely cleaned, a professional service can add extra protection with a specialist ‘Scotchguard’ cleaning solution. Invisible to the eye, this protective barrier can provide ample defence against notoriously difficult stains, such as red wine and coffee.

Quick and convenient carpet care

Qualified carpet cleaners can save you both time and energy. Professional cleaning solutions dry far quicker than off-the-shelf options, which means that carpets and upholstery can be restored and ready to use in only a few hours. Professional contractors will also work flexibly to your schedule and work around your requirements to avoid disrupting your daily life or negatively impacting your business.

Whether you need a single chair or rug revitalised or carpets and furniture on multiple floors of a building cared for, you can count on a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service that will take on projects both small and large with the same level of dedication.

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