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Is hardwood better than engineered flooring in Cheshire?

For a natural wood effect, there are two main options – hardwood and engineered wood – and people are often confused about which one to install.

Wood in Chester

Wood has been an important part of the history of Cheshire’s only city – Chester. The Chester Rows’ black and white Tudor buildings on Watergate Street and East Street have an exposed timber frame and date from the 14th Century. Many historic buildings in Chester feature wooden floors, dating back to a time when engineered wood was not invented.

Modern Chester houses continue with this tradition, with many homeowners loving the appearance and hardwearing qualities of wood. If you are considering installing wood floors in your home or workplace, engineered wood makes a good alternative to solid wood.

The difference in construction

Solid wood consists of planks about ¾-inch thick that are laid on the floor. Engineered wood is made of several layers of wood that are bonded together using adhesives under intense pressure and heat.


The top layer of engineered wood is a thin layer of actual wood, which means that the appearance of engineered wood and solid wood is the same.


Engineered wood is quicker to install than solid wood and can be installed over concrete. This makes engineered wood a little cheaper to install than solid wood. Some types of engineered wood are suitable for installing over underfloor heating.


Solid wood does not like too much water, because it can warp the wood planks which makes it unsuitable for bathrooms and utility rooms. It can be installed in areas that lead to the outside where people drip water and tread in mud after they come in from a wet Cheshire day, as long as any water spills are mopped up quickly.

Engineered wood is more water resistant, although if you are located in a flood plain it may not survive being underwater during a flood. It is not recommended for bathrooms.

Both engineered wood and hardwood are fine for kitchens, but a mat should be placed at the sink that can absorb excess moisture.


Engineered wood and hardwood can be kept clean by regular brushing and mopping. Engineered wood has a protective layer to prevent scuffs and scratches, and solid wood can be treated with varnish and other coatings to protect it.

Floor sanding can bring worn engineered flooring and hardwood floors back to life, but because sold wood is thicker than the top wood layer of engineered flooring, it can be sanded more times.


Expect to pay less for engineered flooring in Cheshire than solid wood, and you will generally save on the installation costs. Both hardwood and engineered flooring in Cheshire will add to the value of a property, though hardwood will add more.

Compared to other floor coverings like laminates and vinyl, engineered wood will usually be more expensive, but it will last a long time and provide the room with the natural good looks of a real wood floor.

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