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Innovative floors in Bloomberg’s new London HQ

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled the new Bloomberg headquarters this month, October 2017. The building was designed by famed architect Norman Foster who incorporated many innovative ideas in the architecture of the building, including the floors.

Most of the floors are covered in traditional solid wood flooring but used in innovative ways. The main lobby on the ground floor uses American red oak floor planks which were precision engineered using lasers. The planks contain micro perforations which control the acoustics in this busy and potentially noisy area.

Many other areas use solid wooden floor coverings that are described as “self-finishing”, meaning they will naturally age over time to change their looks. Each part of the floor is attached to raised metal floor sections. Magnetics are used to raise the floor for easy and quick access to the cables below.

Bloomberg wanted their building to be the world’s most sustainable offices. This is reflected in its extremely high BREEAM score which measures a building’s sustainability levels. The integrated ventilation system and a new lift system were factors in this high score as well as the magnetic and acoustic hardwood floors.

The architects of Bloomberg’s HQ said that they are prepared to share the technologies used in the building. This also helped the project achieve its high BREEAM rating.

This sharing philosophy could benefit future new solid floor installations in Liverpool commercial buildings. Acoustic and magnetic hardwood floor technology could be added without requiring the huge financial resources of Bloomberg.

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