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Ineptitude at DIY inspires business

A general lack of aptitude at DIY has encouraged the formation of a firm called Handy, but it does not operate in every UK city.

Oisin Hanrahan, an Irish entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Handy. The firm uses modern technology to connect consumers with cleaners or people with DIY skills.

The operation is working in 25 cities in the United States. It also has a presence in two Canadian cities. Within the UK, people in London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester are being catered for. However, individuals who want something like floor sanding in North Wales might be best using a firm close to home.

Hanrahan has said:

“You have to become the biggest, as this gives you the most service professionals.”

The Handy format does permit customers to give feedback on the service they have received. Handy takes a cut of one fifth of what the customer spends on the work done. The professionals have the opportunity to complain about anyone who is rude to them.

To try to reduce competition, Handy has purchased at least one rival enterprise. However, how the organisation fares from now on will depend on a variety of factors.

Hanrahan dropped out of Harvard Business School to pursue his latest business interests. He has run a property business when learning at Trinity University in Dublin, the scheme involving buying and altering apartments in Hungary. This venture was eventually sold because of a shortage of loans following the international economic crisis.

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