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HSE offers solution to accidents on slippery floors

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 31% of workplace accidents in 2018 were caused by slips and trips. If a worker or member of the public slips on a smooth floor in a Cheshire business, as well as causing injury, the business could have to pay out high compensation amounts.

Different industries have more risks from slips and trips. In health-related businesses, elderly people in particular should be protected from fall risks. Slip risks are not confined to vulnerable people though, sports and leisure centres are also high risk areas especially if users wear unsuitable footwear and if there are badly lit areas. The insurance company Zurich says that the top sector for compensation payouts is the leisure and sports sector.

The HSE has put forward a solution to these risks:

“Slip and trip hazards can be reduced by good design. Surface roughness, moisture displacement, the profile and surface pattern of the finish and foot-grip, all affect slip resistance.”

All commercial premises need to conduct risk assessments to identify floors that could be a risk. Some insurers have risk engineers that can help identify problems. There also needs to be a quick response procedure for dealing with spills that make floors slippery, whether it is spilled drink, someone cleaning the floor, or an entrance made wet through bad weather. To deal with rainy Cheshire days, entrances can have moisture absorbing mats to trap water from shoes and clothes.

If a business needs non slip flooring in Cheshire, an experienced contract flooring business can install suitable types of non slip flooring.

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