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How you can keep laminate floors clean and virus free

The coronavirus crisis has focused on business and households on the need for extra hygiene and keeping homes and workplaces clean, so here are a few tips on how you can keep your laminate flooring virus free.

Laminate flooring is popular in Cheshire and the Wirral. One reason why many choose laminate flooring is because it’s so easy to keep clean.

Laminate flooring is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Excess dirt and debris can cause scratches. Regularly sweep the floor with a soft brush or dry dust mop. You can vacuum laminate flooring with a vacuum that is suitable for hard floors. Sweeping along the grain of the planks means that dirt in the grooves between planks will be removed.

Spills need to be cleaned up immediately with a cloth or sponge, then dried with a soft cloth.

The coronavirus can stay on hard floors for a number of hours. Deep cleaning is recommended to make sure that no harmful substances remain on the floor. Don’t use a steam cleaner however as this could damage your laminate. Clean with a mop and laminate flooring cleaner, or mild detergent. Vinegar can be added to remove stubborn stains. It does not take long to clean the floor in one room, though you may want to do more than one pass of the mop to make sure your floor is virus-free.

If you have rooms with carpets, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or other floor covering, also clean them regularly, especially if you and your family are spending a lot of time at home to avoid social contact.

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