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How to take care of your Liverpool wood flooring

A new hardwood floor installed in your Liverpool home or workplace should maintain its strength and beauty for years, provided you follow these essential care guidelines:


If you have pets with long nails, keep them trimmed so that they do not scratch your floor. Liverpool is not known for its dry climate, so dogs often come back from their walk with muddy paws. Wipe their paws, but if any mud gets on the floor, clean it up immediately.


During the winter months when the heating is turned up high, the air can get very dry and this could cause wood shrinkage. Use a humidifier to keep humidity somewhere above 35% but no higher than 55%.


Wooden floors can stain if some liquids are spilt on them. Wipe up spills and spots as soon as they are noticed, applying a good quality wooden floor cleaner using a clean cloth.

If chewing gum or candle wax is spilled on the floor, apply ice to harden it, and then you will find that the substance will easily come off using a plastic scraper or an old credit card. After the chewing gum or wax has been removed, wipe the area with a clean, barely damp cloth.

Extra protection

High-quality floor mats or pads can be put under heavy furniture for an extra protection layer on your wood floor.

At entrances where people come in from the outside, place floor mats so that they can wipe off dirt, sand, oil, grit or other substances that could be trodden into the floor.

It’s a good idea to place protective mats in high-traffic areas such as sinks, stoves and food preparation areas.

Some definite don’ts

There are a few things that definitely should not be done with wood flooring, such as:

• Don’t walk on your floor with football boots or other spiked footwear
• Don’t clean a wooden floor with oil-based soaps, damp mops, or household products that contain lemon, oil or silicon. Use a cleaner specially formulated for wooden floors
• If you have stubborn stains, don’t be tempted to use harsh cleaning aids such as metal scouring pads

Floor sanding

Provided you follow these guidelines, your wood flooring should last for many years. If it does begin to look old and tired, it can be restored using a professional floor sanding service.

An old worn floor is more difficult to clean, as scratches and holes trap dirt. If the floor is not sanded, it could need replacing. After the floor is cleaned and sanded it will look like new again. If the floor is in a business area, to avoid disruption, it can be sanded in sections so that people can still continue to move in and out of the area. Alternatively, the work can be done overnight when the business is closed.

Wood flooring is a smart choice for home and business use. Hardwearing and good to look at, it’s not necessarily the cheapest option, but it is worth spending a little extra for a quality wood floor.

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