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How to reduce energy loss through wooden floors

There is a simple trick to reduce energy loss in homes with wood flooring – underlay.

Wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes is a natural, beautiful looking floor covering, but as much as 10% of a home’s heat can be lost through the floor. Fuel bills have risen sharply in 2022, and anything that can prevent heat loss in homes will save a lot of money.

According to, UK flooring expert Josh Buyer says that energy loss can significantly be reduced by using insulating underlay under wood flooring. He points out that underlay is often overlooked when installing a new floor. Underlay with low insulation properties may be cheaper, but the cost of the energy lost through poor insulation makes it more expensive in the long term.

Underlay can benefit all flooring types, including wood. It can extend the life of laminate flooring, can prevent rising damp and adds a springy, cushioned feel when walking. There are also specialist underlays for underfloor heating.

Underlays with high insulation properties have millions of exceedingly small fibres that act as a barrier to prevent cold air rising from the floor. Many older properties in the Wirral and Cheshire area are cold and draughty. Loft and cavity wall insulation helps keep homes warm, and a decent-quality flooring underlay provides additional insulation.

Like duvets, underlays have tog ratings that measure how effective they are at keeping the home warmer. Opt for a high tog rated underlay with wood flooring. If existing wood flooring has a low-insulation-rated underlay, consider replacing it with a higher rated one.

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