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How to minimise scratches on your wooden floor

Scrapes and nicks wrought on new wooden floors are a source of despair for many homeowners, but they can easily be avoided with a few simple tweaks to the way you run your house.

Firstly, think about the legs of some of the larger pieces of furniture in your home; more often than not, they’re made from a hard wood or metal. Given the weight of most couches and chairs, they’re bound to gouge abrasions into your floor if you push them around the room every time you want a layout change. If furniture is too heavy to lift, spend a few minutes placing pads beneath each of the legs. A piece of thick cloth or other soft but durable material, such as an old carpet cutting, will do.

If you are a dog owner, you could also consider barring your pooch from the room with the wooden floor. If the animal kicks up a fuss and you’re a big pushover when it comes to those sad puppy eyes, you could instead work on keeping the animal’s nails clipped down to the safest minimum length. If you don’t have some proper dog nail clippers, get them trimmed by a vet.

Lastly, installing quality fibre doormats in front of all entrances into your house is an absolute must if you have a lovely wooden floor to protect. Smaller, less noticeable pieces of debris like dirt and grit can be carried inside and scoured on the wood by an unsuspecting heel. Asking people to remove their shoes upon entering is also a plus, but fibre doormats are good for those occasions when asking someone to remove their shoes wouldn’t be appropriate.

Sustaining some marks is inevitable, but you can follow the simple tips we’ve given here to make sure that you stave off the more significant scratches.

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