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How to make the best use of wood floor samples

Wood is a luxury flooring material that is expensive, but is a good investment, as it adds value to a home and looks stunning. Before deciding on a particular wood type and shade, you can acquire hardwood flooring samples to see how they look in a room.

Dirty the sample

Wood flooring is easy to clean, and this can be tested on a sample by deliberately spilling liquids and food onto it, and by walking on it wearing muddy boots. You should find the wood easy to clean using a vacuum and a mop with a specialised wood cleaning solution. Make sure that the wood floor suits your dog or cat too.

Play with lighting

Lighting conditions can affect the look of wooden flooring. Place the flooring sample near a window to see how it looks in natural light and sunlight. You should also look at the sample at night, with dim lighting and with the lights on full.

Choose between solid or engineered wood

There are two main types of wood flooring: solid wood and engineered wood. Get samples of both types to try out. Engineered wood is usually cheaper than hardwood, and it looks the same, as it has a top layer of real wood. Engineered wood doesn’t last as long as solid wood, but you can expect it to have a lifespan of between 20 and 30 years.

Once you have decided on the wood flooring for your Wirral or Cheshire home, hire skilled wood floor installers to transform your room with the beautiful look of real wood.

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