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How to make hardwood flooring last

A well-maintained hardwood floor can last for centuries. Read on to learn how to ensure it lasts.

Keep it dry

The key to a long-lasting wood floor is to keep it dry. Damp wood can warp, split and be a trip hazard.

When wood becomes damp, it expands and then contracts when dry. This is the main cause of wood floor damage. The source of the moisture needs to be determined and prevented. If moisture comes up from below the floor, the wood floor planks need to be removed and sprayed on the back with a sealer that blocks moisture. The subfloor can also be treated with a moisture-blocking solution. After the planks are reinstalled and time is taken for them to dry out, it may be necessary to sand the floor to make it level.


There are natural moisture levels in the air, which wood floors can deal with. If the floor planks were installed when they were too dry, however, they may change size in response to natural moisture levels. Some types of new wood planks need to be left in the room for a period to acclimatise before installing. Make sure that you use an expert hardwood flooring installer who will advise you on any damp issues in your home.

Homeowners choose hardwood flooring in their Wirral and Cheshire homes for its luxury, natural look. Wood flooring adds value to a home, and wood is an eco-friendly, natural material. Provided the home is well insulated and dry, expect wood flooring to last for decades or centuries.

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