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How to make engineered flooring last

Engineered flooring is popular in Wirral and Cheshire homes. It provides the natural look of wood at a reduced cost – it has a click fit system, which is quicker and less costly to install. Engineered wood can last a long time, depending on a number of factors.

Choose a thicker veneer

The top veneer layer on engineered flooring is real wood, which makes the floor identical looking to solid wood. Like solid wood, if engineered wood looks worn, it can be sanded and refinished to make it look new. The veneer depth varies from two to six millimetres. The thicker the veneer, the more times it can be sanded, and the longer the floor lasts.

Engineered flooring is finished with a clear protective coat. One of the top protections is a finish containing aluminium oxide, which helps prevent scratches.

Clean regularly

To maximise the life of engineered flooring, it should be cleaned regularly. It is cleaned in the same way as solid wood, either using a vacuum or by sweeping with a soft brush or mop using little moisture. Scratches, as long as they are not very deep, can be sanded to be removed.

Avoid excessive moisture

Engineered wood is not as water-resistant as laminates and many other floor materials, so it’s not advisable to use engineered wood in high-moisture rooms, such as bathrooms and utility rooms. Any spills should be mopped up quickly.

High-quality engineered wood that is looked after well should last for many trouble-free years. It is an excellent alternative to solid wood.

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