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How to fit laminate flooring among top ten Google DIY searches

Safestyle UK has analysed 1.245 million Google UK searches connected with DIY to create a top ten list of frequently asked questions.

‘How to fit laminate flooring’ is at number six on this list with 59,500 annual searches.

‘How to fix a leaky tap’ was number one and ‘how to bleed a radiator’ was second with ‘how to treat damp’ coming in at number three. Surprisingly, people showed they were unsure how to read energy meters, because numbers four and five on the list were the queries ‘how to read an electric meter’ and ‘how to read a gas meter’. Safestyle UK explained:

“Our data shows that the spirit of DIY clearly still lives on, with almost 60,000 searches a year for both hanging doors and laying laminate flooring, and over 30,000 queries around fitting curtain poles and hanging a picture frame.”

Although laminate flooring has a click and lock system that makes them relatively easy to fit, it still requires skill to fit correctly. When purchasing laminate flooring in Wirral, go to a flooring supplier and fitter who can quote for both the cost of the laminate planks and their fitting. If you want the natural look of wood for your floors, modern laminates have realistic wood patterns and are cheaper to buy and fit than solid wood or engineered wood.

Instead of searching Google for how to fit laminate flooring, use an expert fitter to make sure that the floor is installed perfectly.

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