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How to choose wood flooring for a room

Wood flooring can add the “wow” factor to a room. Choosing the best type for a particular room depends on a number of factors.

Holly Thomas, writing for the Daily Mail, said:

“Long gone are the days of floors being a last thought when doing up a home. Thanks to the dazzling choice of designs now on offer, embarking on a new flooring project is far more exciting than you might have imagined.”

According to Thomas, one way to add a sleek look to a room is to install natural wood flooring. For a Scandinavian style, choose pale shades or add drama with dark timber. For consumers concerned about their impact on the environment, buy wood floor planks made from recycled timber.

For large rooms and open plan areas, wide wood planks are a good feature. There has been an increase in demand for parquet flooring, using a herringbone layout that can make small spaces appear larger.

Solid wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes adds financial value to a home and will last many decades. If it becomes worn or scratched, wood flooring can be refurbished to a like-new condition. Engineered wood has a natural wood veneer and generally costs less than solid wood.

If real wood is beyond a household’s budget, an alternative is laminate flooring. Modern digital printing technology can create laminate planks that look very realistic. Some types of laminate are water resistant, making them suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, where solid wood is not recommended.

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