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How to choose the best contract flooring for your Liverpool business

When designing or renovating your Liverpool business space, it is important to choose the best contract floor covering. Faced with many different types and qualities of coverings, it can be difficult to make the right choice, and there are a number of matters to consider when deciding on what type of contract flooring to install.


Cost is an important factor when choosing floor coverings, but installing the cheapest option may be false economy. A cheap floor may not last or could look worn soon and need replacing.

More important than cost is durability, especially in areas where there are a lot of people. You want your floor to last; replacing it is not only costly, but could interrupt workflow.

The function of an area

Flooring choices are influenced by the type of activity in an area.

Some work areas, such as offices, need to be quiet. Install flooring that dampens sound.

Hard solid floors can be practical, but in some situations can be a hazard. In care homes and other places where elderly or disabled people walk, a hard floor can cause injuries from falls. Install floors that are specially designed to be soft and absorb impact. Impact resistant floors are not only about protecting people, but can also minimise breakages when fragile objects are dropped.

Areas such as bathrooms and production areas are subject to contact with liquids. Obviously, in these spaces, the floor covering needs to be waterproof. In rooms where oils or chemicals could be spilled, the floor needs to withstand these substances.

It rains a lot in Liverpool, so reception areas need to be able to cope with wet and muddy feet. Choose a floor covering that’s easy to clean.

The foundation

Good flooring needs a good foundation. A foundation layer supports the flooring and contributes to the durability of the floor. A backing layer can dampen sound and contribute to comfort.

Look and style

After the flooring material has been chosen, the look and style is the next consideration. All floor coverings, wood, tiles, carpets, laminates and vinyl come in a variety of styles. You can select a plain colour or a striking pattern. A floor contributes to the impression visitors get of your business, so care needs to be taken when selecting styles and colours. It may help to use an interior designer who can create the look that fits your business style.


Quality floor coverings can provide years of service as long as care is taken to keep them clean. Carpets need both regular cleaning and a deep clean by a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year.

In very busy areas or spaces where substances get spilled, choose a floor covering that is easy to clean and maintain. Carpet or vinyl tiles can be replaced in high-footfall space, where they wear more quickly than in the surrounding area.

A contract flooring installer can advise you on the best floor covering for your Liverpool business.

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