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How do you fit wood flooring?

Nothing beats the timeless appeal of a hardwood timber floor. It makes the perfect addition to any Liverpool home.

Wood is often considered to be a better choice than laminate, carpet, stone or lino because is it hardwearing (and in fact often looks better as it ages, unlike the rest), it is easy to clean and maintain, and if it scratches or breaks, it is easy to repair. Certainly, wooden floors are more expensive in the short-term, but their long life makes them a sound investment. And best of all, wood never goes out of fashion in Liverpool, which is why it has been used for centuries!

Wood floors can be tricky to install, but following this easy guide, you should be able to manage it in two or three days.


• Leave the wood to rest in the room in which it will be laid so that is acclimatises. Your manufacturer will be able to indicate how long you need to do this for. Some wood needs only 24 hours, some needs almost a week. If you skip this stage, you may find yourself with problems further down the line as the wood expands or contracts in hot or cold temperatures
• Remove the skirting boards gently
• Clean and dry the surface, making sure it is free of dust
• Cut your underlay into shape and lay this once the floor is dry

Let’s get going:

• Start with the longest wall in the room
• Use spacers between the plank and the wall, and at each moment that the wood meets the edges of the room.
• Align the plank to the edge of the wall and perpendicular to the joists beneath to make a solid base
• Drill pilot holes into the plank, through to the subfloor and the joist
• Use a nail to secure the board
• Repeat using boards of different lengths to keep it looking natural and so that the joins are at different places
• Once you have established the first few rows, use a pneumatic nail gun to staple in place the rest of the boards
• Place nails every 30cm or so to secure the planks
• Use a saw to cut planks lengthways to fill gaps at the edge or rooms
• Use a jigsaw to fix planks for the fiddly bits around pipes and door frames, leaving a 5mm clearance space between the wood and the pipe

Finishing up:

• Replace skirting boards
• Use wood filler for any gaps or holes
• Most new wood will have been treated by the manufacturer, but if you want to add a polish or veneer, now is the time to do so


It is relatively easy to look after wooden floors. Make sure that you place protective felt pads under your furniture so as not to scratch it, ask people not to wear high heels on the floor, and wash it from time to time with wood reviver to keen it looking smooth, bright and shiny.

A good wooden floor will last you for decades. So enjoy!

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