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How do you fit laminate flooring?

Over the past few years, laminate flooring has become increasingly popular, with many of Liverpool’s households choosing it because it has all the appeal of a wood floor without the hassle and the price tag. Laminate requires a less complex installation than a real wooden floor, yet it is hardwearing, easy to look after, and easy to replace if it does get damaged.

Laminate flooring is made of a solid HDF base, a photographic image of genuine wood pieces, and two layers of transparent protective resin, making it light, authentic-looking, and robust.

Even with a modicum of DIY skills, you can fit laminate flooring into your Liverpool home by yourself in less than a day. Follow these easy instructions:


• Leave the planks in the room in which they will be fitted for at least 48 hours prior to installation, so that they can acclimatise to the temperature. This stops them expanding or shrinking in hot and cold months.
• Clean the original floor and make sure it is free of dust.
• Lay the underlay you have chosen. This helps reduce noise for anybody living under your floor.

Laying the tiles:

• Rows should run in line in parallel with the longest wall in the room.
• Place the first tile in the corner of the room. Use spacers to maintain an equal spacing between the wall and the plank.
• Repeat, also alongside the wall, for the second tile. Carry on using spacers.
• Once you have the full first row lain out, check that everything is tightly packed and even.
• Before starting the second row, you will need to use a jigsaw to shorten your first tile, so that your joins are staggered across the floor.
• Then, use a hammer and a block to move it firmly into place, flush to the tile next to it. There should be no gap between the tiles.
• Continue hammering tiles into place for all the other rows
• Make sure that you check every few rows that everything is still tightly packed and parallel to the longest wall.
• Use spacers around the edges of the whole room

Odd-shaped rooms or pieces:

You may need to cut some laminate tiles to fit around radiator pipes, corners or odd-shaped rooms.

• Mark on the board where you need to cut
• Use a jigsaw to cut the shape needed. Cut from behind to avoid damaging the tile.

Finishing your floor

• Remove the spacers.
• You may choose to install a trim or place board around the edge of the floor as a nice finishing touch (it will look like a skirting board).
• Use nails or wood glue to attach these to the existing skirting board
• Doors may need to be taken off their hinges and shaved down to accommodate the extra height of the floor.
• Any scuffs, scratches or holes can be filled with special laminate repair crayons.

Maintaining your floor after it is laid is easy: use laminate reviver to replenish the lustre of the protective surface.

Then, there remains nothing for you to do but enjoy your revamped room with the stylish flooring all Liverpool homes need!

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