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Housing association seeks to reduce residents’ energy bills

The UK energy market has been receiving a lot of attention in the media as the so called big six suppliers come under fire for price rises that some regard as excessive. Now, a Welsh housing association, Wales and West, is combining forces with a specialist floor heating contractor, Thermal Earth, in order to help homeowners manage the cost of rising energy bills.

The organisation is overseeing the installation of innovative new heating systems in 34 of its properties. The pumps utilise warmth from the ground and distribute it evenly across carpets or laminate flooring. The North Wales housing market, and indeed the housing market across the rest of the country, has seen huge investment from the Welsh Government in terms of building new social housing properties.

However, housing associations are increasingly required to assist residents in managing their bills.

It hopes that the help with the heating costs will aid residents who are unable to afford spiralling heating bills, or are perhaps more vulnerable to the cold than others.

The scheme has been piloted in houses near Howey in Powys, and has had fairly positive results. It is unknown whether the scheme’s influence will end up spreading into other properties in their remit, or indeed how much this new flooring design will save energy customers, but whilst the UK energy market continues to receive such negative attention, any company that appears to come out in favour of consumers will likely be popular.

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