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Houses selling slowly in North Wales

While the housing market seems to be booming in places like Cambridge, the picture is quite different in areas like Gwynedd, and this means that homeowners there may be tempted to improve their homes for quicker sales.

Melfyn Williams, who is a Welsh estate agent, has said:

“The ripple effect from London, and talk of a widespread ‘overheated’ market, has not reached Gwynedd. The average time is three to four months to secure a sale, and there are many properties that have now been for sale for over 12 months.”

According to the website Rightmove, the relatively slow pace of sales is not confined to Gwynedd. Properties are not attracting buyers quickly in Conwy or Powys either; it would seem that the national economic recovery has an uneven pattern.

It would seem that people who want to sell their properties within a reasonable timeframe in Gwynedd or Conwy have to ensure they are not asking for unrealistic prices. In addition, they can make their houses much more attractive to potential purchasers by getting floor sanding from North Wales specialists, and other services to improve their homes.

The difference between the housing market in Cambridge and Gwynedd has been stark. A property situated in Cambridge has typically been on Rightmove for 27 days prior to it being bought. In contrast, a Gwynedd property has been staying on the site for 112 days, on average. However, properties in Powys have taken even longer to sell than their counterparts in Gwynedd. The property prices in Cambridge have been affected by the decision of AstraZeneca to make the city its international centre.

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