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Hotel interior designer reveals insight into 2018 flooring trends

Michael Sinclair, the design director of the Catering Design Group has revealed the floor design trends of 2018.

These are the designs that his hotel and catering clients are choosing. Hotel and restaurant customers can be influenced by these trends when choosing new floor coverings for their home or workplace.

Sinclair says that the prevailing floor covering trends are organic and natural. This reflects the trend by consumers wanting to eat organic and taste dishes that feature natural local produce.

Cork is a natural floor covering that is making a resurgence. Terrazzo is in demand because it is versatile and hard-wearing. Concrete is also making a return to popularity. Vinyl floor covering is a favourite, with many preferring bold chevron and herringbone patterns.

Solid wood floors remain popular, but there is a move towards small wood tiles that make intricate patterns rather than large planks.

Sinclair says that 2018 is the year of the natural mix where combinations of metal, marble, concrete and wood are used for floors, walls, ceilings and fittings to create a simple mix of natural materials. Often this natural style includes a touch of luxury in the form of gold paint, brass fittings and burnished metals.

Colours are used to complement the natural style and create a relaxing mood. Leafy green is used to promote a sense of calm.

If you want inspiration when choosing your new solid flooring in your Cheshire home or business, visit a local hotel or restaurant after it has been renovated or newly built.

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