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Hotel corridor flooring trends for 2019

Connecting the check-in area of hotels to guest rooms are hotel corridors. Designers often do not pay these areas much attention, but this is predicted to change in 2019 with many boutique hotels installing solid wood flooring.

According to Hamish Kilburn, writing on the website Hotel Designs, there are five hotel flooring trends predicted for 2019.

1. Extra wide planks

Very wide wood planks create a dramatic look for wide corridors. These feature rustic grains, and ones with a click installation system do not take long to install.

2. Scandinavian noir

Scandinavian or Scan Noir is deep grey and black stained wood that creates a bold contemporary look. As an alternative to wood, luxury vinyl tiles are available in stormy grey colours.

3. Cool chocolate

Another popular style is cool, brown shades of oak, which are available in stain and scuff-resistant finishes.

4. Modern rustic

White walls and light wood floors create a modern rustic look. The wood needs to feature large grains and knots. An alternative to solid wood is engineered wood.

5. Colour variation

Dark and light woods can be mixed on the same floor to create an unusual but stylish looking floor.

Although solid wood is best for a luxury look in corridors, other floor coverings such as laminate, vinyl and engineered wood can be used to create the trend styles of 2019.

You do not need to have a hotel to follow these design trends. Solid wood flooring in Cheshire homes and workplaces can look equally stunning.

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